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Fundraising is temporary – Future Fundraising Now


It doesn”t feel good to acknowledge it, but we fundraisers produce a steady stream of ephemera: Stuff that only matters for a while, then becomes useless.

Like tickets stubs from a show you went to last week. Or yesterday’s grocery receipt.

These things are useful for a short time, then they turn into garbage.

Don’t feel bad about it.

But be realistic. Even the most ephemeral ephemera is useful.

The key to fundraising success is to make sure you really grab that brief moment of usefulness before your fundraising turns into junk…

Make sure it grabs attention.

Make sure it’s simple, clear, emotional, and focused.

Make sure it’s easy to respond to.

But most of all, be clear in your own mind that your fundraising project has only a short few minutes (or seconds) of life. You aren’t creating a deathless classic — that would be a whole different task!

Get comfortable with the temporary nature of your fundraising. That’s when you make it work best.



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