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Good to Growth Podcast: Branding on a Budget

Meet Lauren Muth, Branding Extraordinaire

Lauren Muth (she/her) is the founder and creative director behind Studio Humankind, a nonprofit creative agency. Lauren was inspired to respond to societal causes by utilizing her own visual storytelling work to fill the gap where inspirational grassroots organizations lacked resources. Her team now works to develop transformative branding, innovative campaigns, and conversion-driven websites that amplify nonprofit awareness, support, and funding.

Her clients have included Make-a-Wish Missouri & Kansas, Safehome, Walk in Love International, Stitching Change, MADI Apparel, Rebuild the Block, Covenant Children’s Homes, Hunger-Free Philippines, Love Fund for Children, Girls on the Run, and more.

Lauren spends her free time reading about current affairs, traveling, visiting local coffee shops, and spending time with her friends and family.

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