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How much does it cost to neuter a dog?

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  • The cost to neuter your dog may vary based on your location, where you have the surgery performed, and your dog’s breed and health
  • The average cost to neuter your dog at a traditional veterinarian’s office can average between $267 and $436
  • You may be able to have your dog neutered at a shelter or clinic for anywhere between $50-$150
  • Pet insurance typically doesn’t cover neutering your dog, but you may be able to purchase a wellness plan that will

Getting your dog neutered has many benefits, but it can end up being an expensive procedure depending on your specific situation. On top of that, pet insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of neutering your dog. However, some programs and organizations can help you pay for the operation.

So how much does it cost to neuter a dog? Read more below to learn about the fee for neutering your dog, how to get financial assistance, the benefits of having the procedure done, and whether or not you can find pet insurance to cover the surgery.

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How much does it cost to neuter a dog?

How much does it cost to get a dog neutered? Let’s begin by reviewing the average cost of some standard veterinary services:

Average Cost of Vet Visits and Common Vet Care

Type of Vet Care Average Cost
Vet Check Up $50 – $250
Spay or Neuter $160 – $220
Vaccination $15 – $28
Physical Exam $45- $55
Fecal Exam $25 – $45
Heartworm Test $45 – $50
Dental Cleaning $70 – $400
Allergy Testing $195 – $300
Geriatric Screening $85 – $110

According to the table above, the routine cost of spaying or neutering a dog averages between $160 and $220. However, this may not account for all of the expenses associated with the procedure.

The cost of the surgery will vary based on a few different factors, including your location, where you choose to have the operation done, and your dog’s breed and health. For example, larger dogs will cost more to neuter than smaller dogs.

In addition, you may have to pay for other services, such as a veterinary visit and examination before the surgery. If the procedure doesn’t go as planned, you may end up paying for additional care afterward, such as prescription medications.

If your dog is not up-to-date on their vaccinations, you may also need to pay for current vaccines before the surgery. Each vaccination could cost between $15 and $65, depending on the type.

Including all costs, you could end up paying between $267 and $436 to get your dog neutered at a private veterinarian’s office.

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Can I get financial assistance to neuter my dog?

Many people are eligible to receive financial assistance for having their dogs neutered.

Some states provide vouchers that reduce the surgery to approximately $60. The vouchers can be used at any clinic or veterinary office where accepted.

There may also be shelters or non-profit organizations in your area that provide low-cost neutering for between $50 and $150. In addition, some of the procedures may be performed via patron donations, potentially providing free surgery.

Another option to help save on neutering your dog is to attend a mobile clinic or a low-cost spay/neuter event. How much does neutering cost at a clinic or an event? Some clinics and organizations will utilize weekends to provide spay/neuter procedures for approximately $100 or less.

To take advantage of any of the above options, you may need to provide proof of income or other financial assistance to confirm that you can’t afford to cover the cost of the surgery.

Another important consideration is the level of care that your pet will receive. While the surgeries at clinics are comparable with those of a veterinarian’s office, they may not be able to offer the same one-on-one care, such as overnight monitoring after the surgery.

What are the benefits of neutering my dog?

Suppose you’re wondering how much it is to neuter your dog. In that case, you may already be aware of the benefits relative to getting your dog fixed, including behavioral changes, improved health, and reducing unwanted pregnancies.

Male dogs who have been neutered are less likely to attempt leaving home to search for a mate. Therefore, they reduce the risk of being injured or getting lost. Your dog is also less likely to mark its territory through spraying, becoming aggressive, or mounting.

Getting your dog neutered can also help to prevent testicular cancer and prostate issues.

Perhaps one of the essential benefits of the big picture is the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. Millions of dogs are either brought to or caught by shelters each year in the United States. However, if your dog is neutered, they will be unable to get another dog pregnant, limiting the number of homeless dogs.

Does pet insurance cover the price of dog neutering?

Most pet insurance policies will not cover the cost of getting your dog neutered because the surgery is typically an elective procedure. However, some pet insurance companies sell add-on wellness plans that can foot the bill for neutering. Below is a list of some of these wellness plans and prices:

Companies that Provide Add-On Coverage for Spay/Neuter Surgery with Prices

Company Add-On Wellness Plan Rates
ASPCA $9.95 – $24.95
Embrace $18.75, $35.42, $52.09
Pets Best $26.00
Prudent Pet $11.95, $19.95, $29.95
Spot $9.95 – $24.95

You may want to keep in mind that you cannot purchase some of these wellness plans individually. Therefore, you will only be able to buy them if you have an existing pet insurance policy with the company. However, other companies sell wellness plans without insurance.

How much is it to neuter a dog with a wellness plan? Wellness plans will cover the cost to spay or neuter your dog, along with other services, such as routine vet visits, vaccinations, and other preventative care. Therefore, they are a good investment if you plan to take full advantage of their coverages.

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