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The Guide for Improving Your Ease of Doing Business

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The Guide for Improving Your Ease of Doing Business addresses the age-old insurance industry problems spawned from decades of operations and compliance teams having to rely on legacy systems to maintain troves of data.

The guide explores how the insurance industry’s reliance on outdated technology and manual processes is holding back carriers, agencies, and MGAs – and what the future holds for those that recognize the time is ripe for moving forward.

Challenges facing legacy systems’ ease of work

If your team is playing the copy/paste, email, and callback game, then they’re probably already very familiar with the top challenges to your ease of work. And, chances are your producers or other downstream partners are ready for an upgrade to their workflow with you, as well.

Your internal teams and stakeholders as well as your external partners can all benefit from insurance tools like compliance management systems, contracting management solutions, and other carrier or agency management software. Relying on manual tools to approach these multi-team collaborative processes makes it difficult for your business to be a good partner.

This guide outlines how technological solutions can streamline your internal and external processes for efficiency, making your recruitment efforts stickier all around and greasing the tracks with your partners.

By identifying the top impediments to your ease of doing business, this guide also points to the easiest gains you can make by undergoing a digital transformation in your insurance business.

Download this guide to find out how insurance management software can impact areas like:

Timing is everything; the time for an insurance digital transformation is now

The events of COVID-19 certainly begat an insurance technology revolution, with higher focus on automated workflows, better data management, and generally a shift away from difficult legacy systems. But even before, a digital transformation was precipitously overdue.

For businesses in the insurance industry, digitization of compliance and legal processes is a (relatively) light lift with enormous benefits to your ease of use and bottom line. If this is a line item that keeps getting pushed back in your budget year after year, it’s time. Time to end the loop of manual processes, time to end the chain of producers who fall out of your recruiting pipeline at the last minute, time to transform your process. It’s time to make life easier for your employees, your partners, and yourself, and it’s time to download this guide.

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