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THE PURPLE MANSFIELD – Prof. Allan Manning’s Blog


As was explained during the 2021 Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence, in 2022 a new category of the Purple Mansfield is being introduced.

The primary reason the Mansfield Awards were created was to acknowledge the important work that claims does in rebuilding trust in general insurance and to reward those that do it best of all.

Currently there are 4 Silver Awards one for each of the following categories:

  • Personal Lines
  • SME Property and Casualty
  • Corporate Property and Casualty
  • Specialty

The Gold Mansfield is for overall claims excellence and is presented to the insurance company that scores highest overall.

The Purple Mansfield is perhaps best described as a humanitarian award where a company or individual has gone above and beyond and provided service that has made a real difference to a client or a community.

The way to enter is to complete the online form which asks in 500 words or less why you believe the nominated company or individual deserves the Award.

There is no nomination fee payable and anyone can nominate including self nomination.

We do not want companies or individuals engaging marketing or other specialist firms to prepare detailed presentations. This is not an award for the slickest presentation which disadvantages smaller firms or an individual.

We appreciate that there are times where an ex gratia payment is made and that an insurer or broker may not want all the details to be released to the public which may create an unfair precedent. With this in mind there is an opportunity for the person nominating to indicate they do not want the full circumstances disclosed.

With only 500 words as the limit the judges may wish to contact the nominator for further information.

This being a year of natural catastrophes it is possible that more than one award will be given.

If you require any further information please contact us here.



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