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2022 Statistics on Generation Z at Work

“If I was a CEO”: Gen Z on how they’d handle leadership

Closing the survey, we asked Gen Zers to tell in their own words what would they change in the workplace if they were a CEO. Here are some common themes in their responses.

Give voice to everyone

If I were CEO I would make sure everyone had a voice.

Equal opportunities for all

If I was a CEO, I would remove the barriers of the social ranking at work. So we can all equally work and thrive together.

Healthy work environment

I would dismantle the ways of the traditional workplace and create a more healthy fulfilling environment.

I would make sure everybody respect and care for others.

The vibe

The vibe, I think the vibe is extremely important, probably top 3 in the workplace.

Stop discrimination

I would make sure that there are consequences for discrimination.

Kill the caste system 

I’d change the feeling of a caste system between the highly certified professionals at the job and the not so skilled workers.

Environment-friendly business practices 

I would find ways to make the company more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Prioritize mental health

I would allow employees to take breaks as needed and have mental health days separate from vacation and sick days.

Allow employees more time with family on holidays and events, offer mental health days and no dress code.

Eliminate the pay gap

Smaller gap between my pay and that of the employees below me/more balance.

The pay gap between men and women.

Fun and enjoyable workplace

I would make the place more fun and enjoyable as much as I possibly could so my employees would enjoy coming to work.

Allow flexibility

​​​​Let employees choose whether they want to work remotely or at the workplace.

Allow authenticity

I’d change the fact that they judge the way someone works based on their piercings or tattoos. I’d change it to it not mattering.

Relationships at work

More sense of community at the office, have teams be based in the same location so they can meet in person.

If I were a CEO in my workplace, I would have more team-bonding days, where the whole team and the supervisor go on trips to bond and have a closer connection outside of the workplace.

Appreciate employees

I would make the environment more friendly and welcoming. I would give positive feedback to people and let them know they are appreciated. I would also raise salaries.

I would show my employees appreciation. Employees don’t leave companies, they leave management.”



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