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Giving important books a good home – Prof. Allan Manning’s Blog

Giving important books a good home

As many of you would know, LMI have a significant library of texts about insurance. Much of which has been kindly donated to us by organisations and individuals who, for a variety of reasons, no longer have the space for them but appreciate that the books have value to the industry.

A good example of this is the “old insurance tariffs”. The term “tariff” can be a bit confusing as it is not a tax but a set of underwriting guidelines and standardised pricing. It was the go to bible for the industry until the introduction of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

An enormous amount of intellectual property is contained in these manuals and I have had reason to refer to them on many occasions.

My friend of many years, David Abell, visited today to donate his father Ian’s set of Victorian Insurance Tariff’s to our library part of which is seen in the photo above.

Both Ian and David dedicated their life to general insurance. Although retired, David is still very active in his research and in the sharing of his vast knowledge through the Australian Insurance Law Association.

Thank you David for your valuable contribution to our library.

If you or your company have any insurance related books or journals that you no longer wish to keep but feel they are too good to send to hard rubbish, please keep LMI in mind.

The library is free to use by anyone in the general insurance industry and one of the many ways that LMI continue to support our important industry and the ongoing education of future generations.



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