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How wealth management expert carved out a new niche

That’s when the invitations began to roll in to use his broad range of knowledge to aid others who need help in, or in understanding, the wealth management business. He soon discerned that he could provide subject matter expertise (SMEx) for wealth management firms, small and medium-sized business owners, and law professionals, and thus SMEx Advisory was born.

“I want to do this very uniquely. Having essentially held every position within wealth management, I understand the client journey, wealth management business, and operational side of the business,” said Cucchiella. “I want to help clients and provide that expertise, but I don’t just want to say, ‘here’s the soundbite that’s going to help, pay me,’ and then walk away. I want to provide that soundbite, but I also want to help them design the execution plan to ensure the success or longevity of that expertise or advice that I’m going to give them.

“That’s because of the way I’m conditioned – to build something, but also see it to its fullest capacity or function. So, I want to provide that to the marketplace because I’m all about the service. I want to provide exceptional service to these clients, and that’s really my differentiating factor: to provide the expertise and service and couple that with the partnership.”

While he’s still ramping it up – figuring that he can provide exceptional service to eight to ten projects at a time – Cucchiella is open to the possibilities of whom he can help.

“As much as even the large wealth management firms don’t like to admit they need help, as much as they have some expertise internally, they don’t have enough expertise. Every executive will admit they don’t have the bench strength, so I can give them that bench strength from an external position, and I don’t want anybody’s job,” he said.



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