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Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising Trends 2022 Guide

Stay updated on nonprofit marketing and fundraising trends!

We have gathered the latest insights and examples of nonprofit marketing and fundraising trends to help guide your nonprofit digital strategy in 2022. We witnessed significant growth and change during 2021 in fundraising patterns and donor trends: A common thread was a clear need for nonprofits to embrace emerging technology.

People expect all digital experiences to be mobile-optimized, personalized, and engaging. Nonprofit marketing teams are now tasked with more than just those foundational needs. You are balancing managing email and social media campaigns, responsible for content strategies, partnering with other orgs and influencers, accepting payments online, and testing out new technologies like cryptocurrency.

We hope these nonprofit fundraising trends, inspirational examples, and a sample nonprofit marketing plan for 2022 will help you feel grounded in what’s important as you begin a new year.

In this guide you will learn about topics such as:

  • Nonprofits are Scaling with Technology
  • Marketing and Fundraising Tools for Nonprofit Teams
  • Inspirational Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns from 2021
  • Emerging Nonprofit Marketing Trends to Watch
  • Sample 2022 Nonprofit Marketing Plan
  • and so much more!

Download the guide to get started!



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