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One month into Open Enrollment, HealthSherpa has enrolled 1.3 million people at a median net premium of $17.96

Note to Media: We can provide state-level aggregate data for categories shown here for states where HealthSherpa offers ACA-subsidized policies. Please reach out if you’re interested in additional data.

With the busiest weeks of Open Enrollment still ahead, HealthSherpa has already helped more than 1.3 million people enroll in quality, affordable ACA health insurance plans. The amount enrollees will pay for their coverage remains low thanks to the American Rescue Plan subsidy expansions: Alabama and Texas lead the pack among states with the lowest median net premiums, at $0/month and $8/month respectively.

Read on for more detailed insights into the 2022 Open Enrollment Period so far. 

Key Enrollment Metrics, 11/1/2021 – 11/27/2021

HealthSherpa Volume

HealthSherpa policies: 914,621

HealthSherpa lives: 1,339,045

Top States: FL, TX, GA, NC, SC

Costs & subsidies

Percentage claiming a subsidy: 97%

Median Gross Premium: $753.44

Median Net Premium: $17.96

Median Subsidy: $669.00

Percent enrolled in $0 plans: 30.4%


pie chart showing metal tier breakdown of HealthSherpa enrollees, 11/1-11/27/2021

Receiving CSR: 66% overall


Average Applicants Per Policy: 1.46

Sex of primary applicant: 54% female, 46% male

Median age: 49

Primary applicant age distribution: 1% under 21 / 14% 21-29 / 17% 30-39 / 21% 40-49 / 27% 50-59 / 20% 60+ 

For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Disclaimer: data listed here is for federal marketplace states only and accurate to 5%.



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