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Tips for choosing a holiday home in Portugal

Portugal is a popular holiday destination for a number of reasons. There are plenty of clean beaches with beautiful sea views and the weather is warm throughout the summer months.

If Portugal has swayed you with its charm and you are now considering investing in a holiday home abroad, take a look at our following guide, to help you get started:

Location, location, location…

There are seven main regions in Portugal – on the southern coast we have the Algarve, inland is Alentejo, and on the west coast, we’ve got Lisbon. There’s Porto to the north, Coimbra in the centre, and then we have the more remote locations of the islands of Madeira and Azores.

Traditionally, the Algarve is the go-to region for holidaymakers and expats, but all areas have their charm. It largely comes down to whether you would prefer to stay somewhere with coastal views, or if a remote hideaway inland is what you’re really after.

Portugal Holiday Home

Flight times

If you are going to be travelling between the UK and your holiday home multiple times a year, you might not want to be heading somewhere too difficult to get to.

The shortest flight time from London is just over 2 hours to Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport. This airport is the nearest one to Porto and Coimbra, about 15km and 130km away respectively. With this in mind, Porto would definitely be a more accessible choice of locations.

A flight from London to the airport in Lisbon takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. Faro Airport in the Algarve takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to from London. There is no airport in Alentejo, so you would have to fly to the Algarve and travel the 175km to get to your holiday home.

The Azores is an archipelago, with its airport located on the island of Pico, so, depending on where in the area you want to settle, it can be tricky to get to. A simple check on Google Maps currently states that it will take a flight of just under four hours from London, with only a couple of these chartered per week. Madeira will take a similar length of time to reach, but more regular flights are available.

You should take travel time into account when choosing an area. If you are happy to spend longer travelling in order to reach your ideal destination, then you will have more choice.

Portugal Holiday Home

Property specification

Once you have chosen a location, before you start looking at listings, you should determine roughly what you are looking for. Do you want a multi-story building or a bungalow? Would you rather own a chalet or an apartment? Also ask yourself what features you may want, such as a garage or a swimming pool.

If you decide to go for an apartment, consider looking for one that has a 24-hour concierge for the building. If having access to an elevator is a must, then be sure to add that to your list.

You should also look beyond the property, at local amenities, to ensure that you will have a comfortable stay. Do you want shops and markets within walking distance, and perhaps a nearby park, if you have children?

Protecting your holiday home

If you are looking at insurance for your overseas home, you will have the option of choosing a company within the country you’re moving to or finding a UK provider. A major benefit of choosing a UK provider of Overseas Property Insurance is that the documents will be available in English. Fully understanding the cover you are obtaining for your property is vital, so this will make it that much easier and help give you peace of mind that your holiday home is protected.



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