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What do celebrity homes in Europe look like?

We recently saw that actor Sean Connery’s South-of France villa is up for sale. This got us thinking about what celebrity homes in Europe, such as this, might look like. What features are now considered typical for a luxury property?

Sean Connery’s South-of-France villa
Photo Credit: Knight-Frank

We had a look at the information supplied by to find out what this particular celebrity home consists of:

Sean Connery’s South-of-France Villa – Also Seen In His James Bond Movie

This beautiful villa is currently on the market for $33.87 million. For those of you wondering what this amount of money would get you, here’s the summary:

  • A villa spanning five levels, with an elevator and rooftop terrace
  • 1920s French architecture
  • Five bedrooms
  • A master suite containing two baths, a dressing room and private balcony
  • A grand hall with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Two guest houses each with two bedrooms
  • A fitness complex complete with a gym, hammam, a large indoor swimming pool, and shower and dressing areas
  • A two-car attached garage
  • A staff apartment
  • Views overlooking the city of Nice and the Mediterranean Sea from a hill on the Cap de Nice
  • Landscaped terraces, flanking a winding path to the sea
  • A private saltwater pool
  • All surrounded by an entrance gate for complete privacy

To add even more excitement and charm to the property, it was actually used for several scenes of the James Bond film Never Say Never Again (filmed in Nice and Monaco).

YouTube Credit:  Sean Evans, @evvo1991

So that’s Sean Connery’s example of celebrity expat life in Europe. We’ve also looked into typical luxury property features in other areas as well.

Most popular luxury property features

Enness Global, the high net worth mortgage broker, has evaluated Google Search Trends data for the most searched for features across “six global property playgrounds of the super-rich”.

These six areas are London, Monaco, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, and Dubai. The top five results for each are:


  1. New builds
  2. A spa
  3. Furnished property
  4. A garage
  5. A garden


  1. A garage
  2. New build
  3. A spa
  4. The view
  5. A garden


  1. New build
  2. A garden
  3. The view
  4. Furnished property
  5. On a waterfront

New York

  1. New build
  2. A spa
  3. A garden
  4. On a waterfront
  5. Furnished property

Hong Kong

  1. New build
  2. A garden
  3. The view
  4. Furnished property
  5. A spa


  1. Furnished property
  2. A garden
  3. New build
  4. A spa
  5. The view

As you can see, there are definitely some common trends for what people expect from a luxury property. Do any of these make your top five requirements?



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